Il Ragno di Rolando


Una fiaba di Antonio Caselli

The story is the imaginative mirror of a boy Rolando / Antonio, who loved to live in a fantasy world, the world of children where happiness and fantasy know no limits.

The “Brimba” spider, represents his “Guardian Angel”, the uncontaminated world with its “green soul”, and the world of travel that knows no boundaries between land, sea and sky, but the sky from red became black… and so ended his dream of living happily.

A book by Antonio Caselli
15/8/1977 – 19/5/2015

Proceeds and donations from the sale of this fairy tale book in Italian published by Brain Cancer Malta will be donated entirely to the “Puttinu Cares Malta” association.

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Brain Cancer Malta publishes a posthumous tale written by Antonio Caselli “Il Ragno di Rolando”.

“Il Ragno di Rolando” is an Italian tale Antonio wrote back in 2012. It was found coincidently in his laptop following his demise. In spite of the sad period he was going through, Antonio wrote this imaginative, happy and fun tale where a little boy, Rolando befriends a little spider and together they go on a sea voyage on the discovery of a mysterious island where strange things happen.

Antonio’s joyous character reflects in his writing, he was a young man full of enthusiasm who seized every opportunity to experience life to its fullest. He had a bucket full of dreams, but life had other plans for him.

The family has decided to publish this book to honour Antonio’s memory on the fifth anniversary of his departure and journey through the stars. All proceeds from the sale of the book together with other donations will go entirely to the association “Puttinu Cares Malta” which strives so much towards cancer patients.

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